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Review Kata Taarer Bera

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KTB was...

66% 66% [ 27 ]
20% 20% [ 8 ]
10% 10% [ 4 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 41

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1 Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:00 am

Mode Silver

Divine Poster
Divine Poster
just come here and review ktb, track by track or just jot down your thoughts on the album, once you hear it fully.


i'll drop mine later.

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2 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 11:37 am


Newbie Rhymer
Newbie Rhymer
As I write, I am listening to each of the
mindblowing jawdropping tracks of Kata Tarer Bera. Firstly, I would
like to thank Jasper & DJ R@f for an awesome effort into this
album. It's the #1 music album of this year and I can say that without
even listening to the next releases. So let's start with all the tracks.

The History- What can I say? jasper captured the spotlight just
by this first track. brilliantly done. no doubt. fast as hell and that
makes you conclude where jasper stands.

Club Sokina- Absolutely the best track no doubt about that. what
lyrics. omg. brilliant work! that shows what jasper can do with his
rapping style. fast again!!!

Kata Tarer Bera- I understand that the guys put in a lot of
effort into this but it cannot be no.1 to me at least. Its well done
but I am not the fan of the background music in this one. Nonetheless,
chorom rap. Raf did superb on this one, no doubt.

No goin' back- I remember asking Jasper whether Simin actually
sang in this, coz I thought this was done by some western singer. But
to my surprise, mc shaq, jasper and simin just did it brilliantly. MC
Shaq has shown hsi professional touch on this one. well done!

Keno Ei Poth Niley- This one has the most touching lyrics ever,
well at least for teenagers...hehe. well done skibkhan, my brother is
actually saying that you are one of the best rappers originating from
Bangladesh. The music is just chorom and the beat is brilliant. Well

one of the best tracks. no doubt! mc mugz! omg
lol, pipe gun shot gun! hahaha! elaka te utpat! haha what lyrics man!
brilliant. props to you bro. skibkhan as usual just brings the charm on
the track. mc shaq was brilliant on this especially when he raps it up
like "tor bandhobi finds me hot, eta ki amar dosh man?" haha! da best
line from you bro. brilliantly done.

Taar Kata- Its good that you guys filled up with good tracks and
these skits just shows that this is a true hophop album. makes you feel
like eminem is coming back.

The Red The Green-
good music and raf did well with this.
something like "nostalgia" from vibe even though the music is totally
different and the lyrics.

MC Slick, haha! this is the real deal bro.
well done slick. this is the best track when you are riding low. a
perfect track for car_freaks all around the world. haha! well done,
totally blew me away with slick's surprising change.

an absolute masterpiece. what can i say??
perfect romantic song for the ladies and gentlemen. a brilliant
approach to bring something new such as this to the bd scene. this
actually made me feel like I was listening to craig david, this is
where I realized that Jasper is the real deal.

Why? -
Orion did it well. not my type but still liked it.

Complexities of life-
raf killed it! "eta bhoy na. eta hoy na" wow! the way you say it, man props, drop dead good track. jasper did well in it....

U r da 1-
peculiar but brilliant music. loved the beat! lyrics was kinda not the track type but it was good no matter.
Ecstasy- haha what a skit! lmao! where did u get these ideas!!! haha bravo!

Onuprerona- controversial track but well done! good music and brilliant lyrics. props to simin, raf & skibkhan!

Never run-
good music, mc shaq and traffic did well!

Protihingsha- this is what made me feel raf & jasper are of
the same quality. the lyrics are briliant...."tupac re kos toopac",
"amar matha gorom, ekhon amar loge thakle tor hobe moron" haha! funny
song but speaks the truth of few people who have to go through few
backstabbers in life.

Outro- liked the music and I liked it mainly because it
acknowledges everyone in the album and it also includes people like us,
the listeners. hehe. btw, jasper eta te ektu mood mare. haha

Bonus track- hahaha! polapain ra eta shune pagol hoye jabe.
daring song, well done no doubt! "I get highhhhh" lol, jasper man! haha
and shaq well done. raf too!
So would like to end by saying, this is by far the best hiphop album
ever to be released. I would like to encourage everyone to buy this
whole album. you will regret it if you dont listen to this by now.
trust me on that. once again well done everyone! Hope this one breaks
all the music chart records!!!

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3 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:33 pm


De$hi MCs Crew
De$hi MCs Crew
heheh...hey watsup auto_freak, ur in aG too right? ey thanx for this profession review bro...

the albums finally out after one year of hardships...was a trip but all's well that ends well!! wohoooo...

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4 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:53 pm


Blazin Annex Crew
Blazin Annex Crew
I heard the album ...liked most of the work ...everyone of them did wonderful jobs ...i wont say i like each and every tracks ...but their are only few tracks i dint like ....lyrics was good for most songs ...and ppl must go check this cd out has a mixture of everything..


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5 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:58 pm


De$hi MCs Crew
De$hi MCs Crew
i jus voted excellent coz i dont actually see much deshi rap albums to compare this to in terms of music and will be foolish to compare this album with 2pacs or Eminems!!

btw, ppl playin Ganjamm all over the city...they like tha Ganjaam last 2 liners of ma verse...the ones that end wiv Double Rhyme pattern(essential rap grammer sum faggots dont get)...

Josh-Thang(joss thing)
Dosh-Mayn(dosh man)
(banglish duplet rhyme scheme...that iz bangla regular rhyme attached to english words that are accented to sound like a rhyme called the accenting rhymes; "joss" is accented to sound like it rhymes wiv "Dosh"; also eminem and 2pac uses them tha most if u didnt know)!! so dont get brainwashed by wackoz! they're here to confuse tha game... personal opinion about my input in this album be...i cud've done better in "U R da 1" and i sucked in tuning "Protihingshah"! but it was made a year back so Wallah! Other artists did a wonderful job in their respective places!! KTB iz doin 90 in a runway on kata tar and!! 1

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6 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:15 pm


thanks for the awesome reviews guys.. keep them coming! Smile


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7 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 8:28 pm


DR Marketing Team
DR Marketing Team
ok R@F nd Jasper i just got i thing to say.its"AWESUUUUUUUUUUUUM"
each nd every track way above expectation nd there is no words tat can describe wat i feel after listening the album.
my ratings:
Best track:all of them r the best but Ganjam and Keno Ai Poth Nila? was the best of best.
Tracks I felt:Lovebites...

Ma props to all KTB members for this more than awesome album and especially to DJ R@F,Jasper(tha fastest),MC Mugz,MC Slick(sliky sliky slikified).Sry can't post a detailed track review.

BTW wat's Track#19.There is no mention of it in tha track list.and where was the group photo it in bangladesh..i wanna see the graf.

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8 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:46 pm

Mc Buddy

Official Rhymer
Official Rhymer

I want a COPY

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9 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:24 am


my review as a listener coming soon

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10 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:43 am


Newbie Rhymer
Newbie Rhymer
Lahood$ta wrote:heheh...hey watsup auto_freak, ur in aG too right? ey thanx for this profession review bro...

the albums finally out after one year of hardships...was a trip but all's well that ends well!! wohoooo...

hehe yeah bro. np about the review...liked it?? I was just fooling around with you in AG. no offence eh...loved your work on this album. you skibkhan, slick, r@f and jasper deserve a lot of cheers. now sit back and enjoy, do hope the album beats the record of hiphop album sales.

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11 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:48 am


OKAY THE INTRO WAS FUCKING AWESSOME.. the singing was good the baul part
best BANGER : SLICKIFIED NO DOUBT .. brah u proved to the haters dat u aint the 1 to be messin wif
BEST TRACK : GANJAM.. not coz its a dmc track i really loved it..

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12 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:49 am

Mc Buddy

Official Rhymer
Official Rhymer
skib bhai ki chul falaea diso naki? Very Happy

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13 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:13 pm


nah man lol

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14 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:34 pm


ganjams the best, i been lucky enuf to bump this song in my car for a while now lol

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15 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:32 am


King Of Rhymes
King Of Rhymes

well the album is fukin nice,da best track of album is
"keno ey poth niley"

"genjam" fatafati hoyse n as Mugz said
"ami dhakaiya pola komore rakhi 3ta, raat baje 12ta korina kono chinta"

yeah Mugz ur 100% rite amra dhakaiya pola 1koti taka tola,dhakaiya boyz shamne ar shob shalara pichone ...

dont know abt this guy but he is good too.

protihingsha is da Raf'z best track

once again compliments for da album

Last edited by Mahmud on Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:20 am; edited 1 time in total

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16 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:27 am

Mc Buddy

Official Rhymer
Official Rhymer
Where the fuck did u get da album?? Shocked

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17 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:33 am


Official Rhymer
Official Rhymer
fankz auto_freak aka Tauhid, Korupt, skibkhan & Mahmud fo oll ur appreciation, i truly appreciate!!!
respect!!! um glad j'all lykd it yh... meanz a alot!!!

1. The History: damn!!! intro?!? diz is gonna coz crack on fanz headz... mad fast rappinn, been reppd by J, n thn cumz deshi vibes.... twistinn talent... bigg up!!!

2. Club Sokina: cannt wait 2 c deshi galz movinn their hipz on diz track... damn... pure deshi style with Jz rappinn style!!!

3. Kata Taarer Bera: R@F... he has done wickd job init... nyce banglish touch n introducinn rapperz... n Jz hook woz TIGHT!!! 1 of da BEST chorus... hatz off!!! n 1ce again, nyce word game fast rap by J!!!

4. No Goin' Back: shweeeeeeeeet tune... da instrumental is sick... nyce rap by Shaq, chorus by Simin... damn gal... shez n her voice is shweeeeeet n nyceee ending by her... Jz pure bengali rNb vibes... CZY TRACK!!!

5. Keno Ay Poth Nileh?: teenagerz r gonna feel it... SKib kept it real, hez da realist, innit?@? nyceee... wickd lyricz... ma gal luvz da track... so bigg up bruv... respect. n Sakib... hez chorus is ill... wa shall i coll it?!? freestyle chorus?!? lol... nyceeeee... 1 of da best trackz!!!

6. GUN-jAMz: da vibe of DMC been pourd by MC Mugz... sick raw mixd bengali rap mate... bigg up!!! nyce chorus Double S, n Skib's wickd flow been provd init, Shaq real G vibes can b felt by any1!!! DMC members kept it G up!!!

7. Taar Kata (skit): nyce beatboxing by SHan2, nyce shit Raf & J... lol.... nyce lyricz!!!

8. The Red The Green: shweeeet tune... nycely reppd by Raf... shwed enouf luv mate!!! nyceeee. needed sum propa emo in diz album, n u've delivrd it properly, undoubtfully. nyce DJ skilz @ da end too yh... bigg up!!!

9. SLiCKiFiED: oll da crdts go 2 JASPER... he workd real hard behind... appreciate bruv!!! he deservez da major of oll appreciation, no doubt!!! but just wish Raf woz here in BD fo longa n cud put his DJ skill on ma chorus 2 drop err1z jawz lol!!!

10. Lovebites: err1 whu been in luv will feel it... itz smoooooth n sick... bigg up J... diz is gonna b 1 of da hit trackz... no doubt!!! most adults luvd it!!!

11. Why?: nyce flow chk, chk flow by Orion. he reppd oll da way bak 4m states. nyceeeee... keep it up mate.

12. Complexities Of Lyfe: ill lyricz by R@F.... real words up, word up bruv, feelinn it... ur best shit down there... ill track!!! bigg up!!! J 1ce again has reppd da chorus... real deal!!!

13. You Are The One: anotha sick tune with Shaqz eno lyricz with slick flow n J reppd it with wickd telephnic effetz fingi n real words been put up!!! diz reflects da real luv lyf... sick!!! sick rNb flava bruv... bigg up!!!

14. Ecstasy (skit): lol Twisted Evil ... "enouf said!!!" Razz

15. Anuperona: REAL BANGLADESH!!! reality been reppd off by Raf n SkibKhan n Simin's shweeeeet voice reppd it till da end!!! enouf respect bruvz!!!

16, Never Run: 2 US repperz reppd it... nyce US flava init... KTB has got oll kind of flavaz... various stylez 2 satisfy oll da fanz!!!

17. Protihingsha: god-damn... lol... ppl hear da lyricz properly... itz just cZy!!! n Shaq did nyce bengali words game in da choruz!!! 1ce again... get da lyricz!!! lol

18. Outro: propa endinn... *BRAP* *BRAP*!!!

19. hiddn track "Gentlmen on weed": DOPPER DOPPER DOPPERSss... luvinn it... most of ma matez luv it... 3 of 'em olready doppd playinn diz track n luvz it... lol... diz is fo oll da hiphop luverz!!! BUT DONN GET HIGH PPL!!! Evil or Very Mad lol

cheerz, 1

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18 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:54 am

Mc Buddy

Official Rhymer
Official Rhymer
wooohooooooooooo.. finally haerd the album on polapain.. hehehehe

its an awesum album guys..... contratz to raf , jasper , slick n dmc!!

jasper spits really gd n fast.. beats r awsum..

tracks i liked most r : keno ei poth niley ... onuprerona ... genjam.. slickified ..protihingsha and kata taarer bera!

gd job GUYS ...

hip hop in BD is growing and growing and growing......

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19 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Tue Mar 18, 2008 7:38 am


King Of Rhymes
King Of Rhymes
if u guys have prob with loing in and listen da album then u can go here, i've put da script on my

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20 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:53 pm


De$hi MCs Crew
De$hi MCs Crew
protihingsha iz liked by local ppl...raf did agood job but i fukd up...but thank God i put that alliteration on it...ppl focusin on that and so they dint notice tha tunin much..good fo' me! lol

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21 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:30 am


Newbie Rhymer
Newbie Rhymer
Hi this is Omar-“Metastable Studios”. I have been listening to the
album for the third time now and to justify in total acquaintance with KTB has indeed been "mind-blowing". The struggle has
paid off. And to honestly appreciate the music you gotta quit,
everything you doing. Sit Down. Turn it up a notch and get in to the
realm of KTB. Thas the total KTB experience for ya. THIS IS REVOLUTION.
Unlike the misfits as Stoic bliss, KTB emerged as the under dogs and
offers the total package of success.

Pimped up rickshaws and
unintelligent composition does not fall in to a matured musician’s
philosophy and for that kudos to J 'n' |R|….. Once a great saying,
"Work hard enough and at the end of the day, fruits always taste
sweeter" Well to counter that I would say with KTB, “the grass is
always greener on the other side”. Yes KTB is revolution. Undoubtedly,
20 or even 30 years from now, Kids WILL dig the, “crew”. The Bangladesh
Hip-hop industry has potential and KTB proves it with a hundred
percent. Listeners subsequently find the songs rather refreshing with a
dark touch of crude “Banglish”, while being slikified to the likes of
MR. Slick! From “the appreciation of a poetic holocaust of Bangladesh
politics-‘Onuprerona’, to the "Power of youth a.k.a "Ganjam", Ktb
thrills you with its whirlwind of variation. Maturity may play an
important role currently in the Bangladesh music scenario, but age
definitely does not. Jasper has proved just that. With intense
composition and skillfull utilization of my guitar works in, “No goin
Back”, Jasper has yet again proved his talent with his perception of

Way to raise the big ‘F’ towards the so called Jaflong and Kool Koosh with singles as “Protihinsha”.

run high through out the album. Singles as, Complexities of life,
explain the hardships some people face in life. Listeners understand
that it’s not always fun and games when it comes to adolescence. Dj
Raf, pours out his anger and one can only imagine his expressions and
frustrations, in the studio while listening to the track. As a brother
I can explain his personality to be devouring and extremely hardworking
when it comes to work. Then again, with tracks as “X ta C”, Djraf
delights you with his musical variation.Tracks as “keno ai poth”
reminds you of the ambiguous indulgence fabricated over the rectifying
truth that drugs influence. Every word exploits the truth, and nothing
but the truth. Teenagers are thrown in to a river of thought of the
implications and the consequences following the controversial, new
found “drugs doing age”, DDA.

One of the smartest compositions
in the album through my perspective has to be “traffic-Never Run”,
clever lyrics and some intense ‘metastable studio’ beats merge making
this “the perfect cruise music”.

All in all, a perfect debut,
Couldn’t get better then this for Dj Raf, who has been trying to
experiment with the Bangladesh Hip-hip community for a while now. And
the only word that comes to your mind is SUCCESS!

Omar Hasan
Guitars-Metastable Studios, Myndseye

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22 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:15 am

fazze notN

Divine Poster
Divine Poster
ok guyz....i herd da album....herez ma feeds

lets go---
1)The history---nice intro...beat got dat bengali culture spirit...da last hook type part was exceptional...jaspers rap Shocked...umm lets jus say i nvr UNDERSTOOD 1 WORD tht he this was NO EXCEPTION!!

2)Club Sokina---jaspers verse was gud...atleast btr thn da intro Smile...chorus ....FATAFATI...really loved diz song man...

3)Kata Tarer Bera---verses were gud...chorus was alien

4)No Goin bak---Holy crap diz is shaq... Surprised wel i gotta say diz was like HELL BTR thn "JOSS THING" Laughing ....very very gud shit man....realy loved it...& guyz im IN LOV WTH DIZ GIRLS VOICE....omg...her voice Embarassed ...& jasper..shabbash....guyz evrytime i hear diz track i think abt da girl tht i loved once.... Sad ...1 of da best tracks

5)Keno ei poth niley---no comments....skib...omg...i didnt listen 2 al da tracks yet...but omg...i cant bliv it....dis is ur skill on bangla...dud im seriously speechless...i feel like cryin...

6)ganjam---evrythin was gud except shaq's verse...& yal no y No

7)tar kata (skit)---freestyle was gud

8)da red da green----1 word....SUCKED...DA vocals volume was low 2 listen...lyrics was bad...beat was da only thing tht was gud...ovral didnt like it 1 bit...

9)Slickified---slickz lyrics has improved a hell lot...gotta admit tht...though i didnt understand som parts....& da chorus could hav ben btr....but wht i loved really was da beat....totally CLUB BANGA...not bad dud

10)lovbites---beatz really touchy...jaspers singin was realy really gud....damm man i think u jus turned 2 b a ladies man aftr diz

11)y---whoz diz guy...donno...chorus is kinda crap...verse is gud though...keep it up...

12)complexities of life---i herd da 'HOME~RECORDIN' version i Razz....ovrall liked it gotta admit...liked rafz verses...& also jaspers chorus...gud 1

13) Ur da 1---Heard diz on radio...1 word AWESOME...beat chorus evrything was gud...shaq gota say man ...damm im respect 4 u increased i gez....jasper i dont think i gota say nethin....TWO THUMPS UP

14)ecstacy (skit)---raf made dat....sik man... bounce

15)onoprerona---i herd diz a lotta evn if i stil herd it 4 da 1000th time....itz stil DA BOMB!!

16)nvr run---verses was gud...don actualy no wht 2 say

17)protihingsha---rafz verses was gud & da chorus was not tht gud

18)outro---gud 1 ...thankin evry1...whrz ma name Evil or Very Mad jk

19)gentlemen on weed---was diz kinda hidden was ok...

thrz ma comment...omg....tuk 1 & a half hour...hands r in pain now...lolll...neway best rapper on da album was doubt...but evry1 did gud...TWO THUMPS UP 4 DA ALBUM!!

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23 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sat Mar 22, 2008 2:32 am

fazze notN

Divine Poster
Divine Poster
slick....bro u sed a lotta shit on dhanmondi 27 no 2day....sayin im ur big bro & all....dud rnt u evn embarassed tht ur older thn me...& ur stil givin alvlz wth me...i gez u aint embarassed...neway i gez u were FULL WTH SARCASM whn u were sayin u suck & im diz & dat....& imma get a chance on ktb2...whn thy kick u out...dud u think itz funny...well y wont u? ....ur da 1 who got da chance on da album...i now u can diss me neway u want...i got nothin 2 say...but i gez i gt too much pissed off 2day....prolly coz i didnt c ma face on da poster...tht SHOWED me i suk at rappin...& it got followed whn u came up yappin BULLSHITS wth fulla sarcasm...
neway jus 4gt i sed nethin.... Rolling Eyes

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24 Re: Review Kata Taarer Bera on Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:25 am

Mode Silver

Divine Poster
Divine Poster
the history - revolutionary fusion! great kick off to the album! badass rapping and the ending, wow! hard to believe that its the same guy who just rapped!

club sokina - this'll be a hit imo. has the deshi vibe to it and i bet people are gonna dig that. over all its a good track! liked the effects in the chorus.

kata taarer bera - the beat is EPIC and it has one of the best hooks in the album imo. mad props to raf! the rapping was great too. raf stayed in flow and had some good lines. jay was mad fast XD. i liked his flow better.

no goin' back - reminds me of stoic bliss for some reason, but that aint a bad thing. i like the laid back beat. shaq rapped smoothly and that chick, wow, has a really nice voice. jasper's bangla verse was really catchy too.

keno ei poth nile - im speechless. this not only is up there in the list of best tracks, but it also is one of my favorite bangla songs ever. skib ripped it with those clever/emotional lines! i liked the beat a lot too. props to jasper fo that!

ganjam - only skib was good. didnt enjoy the two other verses. chorus was a bit weird too. not my favorite.

taar kata - nice beatboxing and rapping from both the artists.

the red the green - i enjoyed the beat a whole lot, but the rapping wasn't good at all!

slickified - the beat is hella catchy (kinda like the beat for Damn) and imo that compensates for slick's mediocre rapping. not hatin on you bro, but i didn like your pronouncations. but you flowed well tho. you hardly drop tracks, so im hoping to hear more from you.

lovebites - yet another great composition from jasper! clever stuff! i love the singing and has those elements which makes a song "not get old too fast", if you know what i mean. love it!

why? - orion murders the beat! but one thing i hate bout this track is it's chorus.

complexities of life - the lyrics and flow both were just okay. the beat however was really good. i also loved the new twist in the chorus, which was previously absent from the older version of this track.

ur da one - wow yet another personal favorite. i love this beat mainly coz of its beat. the chorus is a bit too repititive and the ending, imo, was stretched beyond its limit. that made the song a little boring. the verses however were good. i enjoyed japser's lyrics here XD.

ecstasy - ooo nice scratching raf!

onuprerona - skib was dope as usual but that chick ruined the song imo!

never run - this would've been my most favorite from the album but the chorus ruined the song imo. the verses however were top notch!

protihingsha - eh okay track i guess. i liked some of raf's lines but apart from that it was nothin special. the beat was good tho.

gentlemen on weed - haha this is a great song! everything was perfect here imo. the beat is fuckin awesome. would love to spit over it.

overall i think this album is a huge step forward for bangladeshi music and this'll turn some heads & raise some eye brows..but basically will let people know that bangla music is more than momtaz/asif and those wack ass singers we have here lol.

the standout factor of KTB is its diversity. it's style ranges from total hip-hop to total R&B, and in between are some brilliant ear candies.

i think it's "excellent".

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25 The KTB Reality Announcement on Sat Mar 22, 2008 9:54 pm

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